NEW! Retro Beach Bracelet

*NEW* Retro Beach Bracelets


Bring the beachy good vibes of the Florida Keys to you!

Choose your gemstone & wear your island inspiration …

  • Carnelian (orange)~ Passion & Vitality
  • Calcite (yellow) ~ Power & Happiness
  • Aventurine (green) ~ Prosperity & Health
  • Rose Quartz (pink) ~ Love & Peace

Be an Island Jane.



  • roughly 7” on heavy stretch cord
  • 8mm round gemstones
  • Island Jane hibiscus charm (13mm x 15mm)
  • sterling silver hardware
  • accented with single clear crystal quartz for balance & energy
  • made in the Florida Keys

Handcrafted by Florida Keys artisan, ZEN by Karen Moore®

Collections: Island Jane's Jewelry Box

Type: Variable

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