What if you had a website to sell your goods online that you didn't have to worry about?

No expensive website fees, no confusion, no effort. Just upload your product images and details and we take care of the rest.

We take care of:

Sales Tax

Customer Service

Sales Reports

Website Maintenance

Website Promotion

In the first phase of this project we are accepting 10 different vendors. We want to make sure everything goes smoothly so in exchange for being our test subjects you will not  be charged any start up or monthly fees for the life of your account.

The flat fee for you will be 10% of product sales + 3% credit card fees.

If that sounds like a sweet deal, then sign up right away so you can be one of the 10. Click here for the registration form.

Send your registration form to:

email: fax: 305-432-0046 snail mail: PO Box 970 Key West, FL 33041

Click here to print a copy of our guidelines to get your shop and products online.

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Island Jane’s Responsibilities:
  • Promote site
  • Load products onto site
  • Pay out merchant fees
  • Collect and pay sales tax when required
  • Collect shipping charges
  • Pay every two weeks (after customer’s receipt of product)
  • Notify vendor of new orders
  • Provide customer service to customers
  • Bookkeeping and reporting
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Vendor’s Responsibilities:
  • Ship within 72 hours (3 business days)
  • Provide Island Jane with tracking # when shipped
  • Keep inventory updated
  • Supply pictures and description for product listings
  • Keep high quality standards and excellent customer service
  • Pay shipping on returns
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Customer Refund/Exchange Policy
Vendor pays return shipping on products returned or exchanged due to a vendor error. All other regular shipping costs to be paid by customer. Customer can return or exchange items within 14 days of receipt. Returns will be mailed to Island Jane.[/tab] [tab id="tab4"]
Does your business qualify?
  • Products must be either locally made or be from a local business
  • Franchise businesses and national brands will not be accepted.
  • Must be suited for all audiences (no violence, crudeness, sex, profanity accepted.)
  • Island Jane reserves the right to reject a product at its sole discretion.
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Here is the basic workflow you can expect:
  • Customer purchases and pays online
  • Email is sent to vendor to ship
  • Vendor emails back tracking # when order has been shipped
  • We verify that shipment has been received by customer.
  • Vendor is paid every two weeks for items received by customer
  • Vendor is paid their % plus shipping costs collected
  • Report is emailed every 2 weeks, money direct deposited into account every 2 weeks
  • We handle sales tax and bookkeeping
  • End of year, vendor gets 1099
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