Wrap yourself in the energy of inspiration.  The ZEN Eco Wraps® are versatile and can worn as a bracelet, necklace or anklet! Be creative. Have Fun!


Sand and stone cords come with an Apatite gem, the gem of inspiration, manifestation and creativity among other goodness.

Pink, blue, purple and green cords are paired with a beachy pearl. Pearls are a gift from the sea and represent wisdom and truth.

The hibiscus flower in Island Jane is a symbol of the CONNECTION and SUPPORT shared between women friends. The hibiscus message is one of happiness, beauty, gentleness and support.


  • 40” eco-suede cord is nylon and polyester - water friendly
  • the perfect for an active lifestyle
  • Island Jane hibiscus charm (13mm x 15mm)
  • apatite gemstone or pearl
  • sterling silver hardware
  • made in the Florida Keys

Handcrafted by Florida Keys artisan, ZEN by Karen Moore®

Wear your Island Inspiration…

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